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Dayz is a video game that has everyone talking about it due to its high amusement levels. The game is developed by Dean Rocket’ Hall and is a successor of the mod game. In the game, you should fight against an indigenous population that has been infected with a certain disease.

Dayz features

New handling of characters- the current controls are far much better than the previous ones. This is evident in the advances made to positioning; as opposed to pressing the X, Y and C, one holds the only C in order to alternate between standing & squatting. X is meant to adjust the firing mode of the weapon while V alters between the third & first individual. In order to jump, you should simply use the spacebar. Ctrl is used to walk slowly or simply holding breath.

Additional extras- endurance is restricted to your highest sprint distance and the weight of your equipment. There are currently many character faces and new icons have been introduced including a belt slot. There are new textures for the road and the campfires have got other particle effects. The item size also has been upgraded in the inventory.

User actions- after a player skins an animal, the game now offers a service where they can clean their hands. Apple & berries are now not collected freely. One can beard and use a knife to shave them off. Also, user actions are not done in the inventory. One is required to have the items at hand.

Animations- falling from various heights for instances will have different reactions of the character. Items are now collected using the hand, there is also the pistol recoil feature. The characters also and now move during actions such as drinking or eating.

Dayz gameplay

The start- once you start a fresh life, everything you have in order to survive is a battery & a flashlight. Once you get to a town and find open doors, there is a possibility that the area has been cleaned by other survivors. When an experienced player passes through a town, they leave useless items behind which are crucial to you at this stage. With a backpack having food, an axe and a drink, you are set to move inland.

Finding friends- you can decide to play the game sole but it would be even funnier if you had friends, to get friends simply set a voice call in order to talk with other players using a program such as Skype. After that, you should attempt to get the name of the nearest town where they have spawned using a map.

Navigation- there are various ways to get the way around. At night, for instance, you can utilize pole star to locate where north is. Another method to get the direction is observing how the clouds are moving in the wind in Chernarus often blows east. Use these methods in conjunction with a map and you will never be lost.


• The game has no restrictions
• One can use their imagination to play the game
• The game is open world
• No cash shop


• The game is still in its development stage
• The game has many bugs

Dayz Torrent Sources

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How To Download Dayz Free

  • Download utorrent and install
  • Choose and download any of the provided torrent links
  • Follow the steps from the torrent to activate the full version

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