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FallOut 4 was definitely the most awaited game where Gamers expected to see how the game looked and its performance on their PCs. This is a video game developed by “Bethesda Game Studios” and is the fifth in the fallout series. For these individuals that still explored the post-apocalyptic Boston, there was a brand new update which had just been launched and brought a large number of advancements that wooed many players to come back to Bethesda’s world.

Fallout 4 features

  • Volumetric lighting
  • General memory & stability improvements
  • Better performance when one looks through a scope
  • The issue where a player could warp to another location when focusing - Companions will never get stuck with the radiation poisoning
  • Fixed the problem where the Vault 81 residents could not dismember properly
  • Huge Leagues perk currently displays the calculated damage properly
  • Fixed the problem with a third person camera failing to display correctly after moving out of particular crafting stations
  • Fixed the problem where subtitles did no often not update correctly
  • Effects are going to correctly be removed on the companions once items are unequipped

Fall out 4 gameplay

Picking the correct junk- one can pick and utilise almost everything in the game but this does not imply that you should carry any garbage that lies around. You are required to look at the junk tab In the inventory where you may adjust to the component view. Here you can select different component you may require in the wild. You can choose adhesives, antiseptics, oil and any other thing you deem necessary.
Regular saving - do not lose progress simply because you failed to save enough. You should save in every fifteen or twenty seconds as soon as you enter a new location. You can also save while in the middle of a conversation or as soon as you make any progress.
Do not travel too fast - this game is at its extreme once it surprises you and loose the chance for the surprise when you travel too fast. There are many things in the game which you will not get on your map such as private locales. Chances are that you are going to miss out on them since you are travelling very fast.

Take time to read signs - survivors have written all kinds of things on the Commonwealth streets. A “keep out” sign for instance might be telling you to walk in a hide out and a “traders welcome” might symbolises a trap, therefore you should be cautious. Take time to read these signs to enjoy the game.
Use your opponent’s weakness to your advantage - every opponent has some weakness and you should utilise that. You can shoot ghouls in their heads for instance since they break with ease stopping the opponents from chasing you. If you need to know much about the weakness of your opponents simply check the awareness perk that describes what your enemies are weak at.


  • The game has a wide variety content you can grind through
  • Flexible character development
  • The game has an appealing template
  • A perfect hybrid system for combat


  • A sequel all through
  • Redundant battle locations
  • The game has an easy dialog with restricted role playing
  • The game has average graphics

Fallout 4 Trailer

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