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Far cry 3 is an amusing game whose set up is very simple where you are placed on an island and your job is conquering it. The game is developed by Ubisoft Montreal where you are provided with a gun to play the shooters game. To be sincere, the game is exhilarating and fun.

Features of Far Cry 3

Option for resetting outposts - A big portion of the game’s single player mode is taking over those outposts manned by the pirates. The outposts, once taken, offer a secure location to resupply and also a base of operations once you are exploring new locations of the Islands.

A different difficulty setting - For the individuals who have completed the game already on various settings and are waiting for the next challenge, the brand new difficulty setting has been be included in the game. Seasoned veterans are going to get themselves being challenged by some aggressive wildlife and more harsh pirates. Your master skills are going to be challenged.
Feedback for the Player - generated maps - The feedback system has been included in order to provide more information to map makers. A more intuitive system of feedback and the inclusion of the “feedback tags” have been made.

Far Cry 3 Gameplay

First, you should go hunting - After you take down the first outpost, you are going to be free to do anything you want. The first priorities should be climbing the radio towers in order to unlock additional free guns. In this case, you require somewhere for storing these weapons. After that, you should start hunting deer and goats so as to loot ability for hold weapons.

Second, you should not stop hunting - despite the fact that you might be having other missions, do not forget that you can be hunting forever. You’ll require multiples of each kind of hide to craft the different types of holsters,  therefore if you notice an animal, you should take it down. You should not stop hunting.
Save after hunting - Among the weirdest features found in this game is its unique save system. You can’t do the quicksave, and just have a single save slot in addition to the game’s auto-save. The fact that one cannot save several times in this game can be pretty annoying.
Stop wasting money on the ammo and armour - Ammo is too expensive in this game, & in case you are not cautious, ammo-refilling stops may turn to be a tax in your wallet. Do not forget that you do not have to fill up the ammo each time, it may feel better going to a fight full of ammo, but when you have upgraded the ammo & explosive capacity, you are going to have enough bombs to take some of the missions.

Far Cry 3 Trailer


• Organic gameplay
• Layered narratives
• Role-playing characters & difficulty curve provide a sense of motion
• Fantastic campaign
• Compelling character progression & upgrade system
• Ecology & unknown creatures make the world come alive
• Great structure leads you from one activity to the next


• A little repetitive
• Fiddly driving
• Limp co-op mission design
• Some design hitches may cause minor frustrations
• You get bored by the lacklustre multi-player offerings

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