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FIFA 18 is currently out and it is evident that it mimics the real soccer. The game has been developed & published by the “Electronics Arts” and appears like a breakthrough, even though it is still to a great extent a refinement of some things which have been done in the past. however the game is very amusing since it emphasises on specific character behaviours.

FIFA I8 Features

Dramatic Moments - One can score incredible goals when playing FIFA 18 since animations unlock the more fluid striking & heading of the ball. Crossing controls present greater options on how to send the ball into the box.
Player motion- The biggest achievement in this game is the motion technology; the animation system unlocks another level of responsiveness & player personality. Currently Cristiano Ronaldo & other popular players feel & move just like they do in the actual pitch.

Team styles - New team styles such as high press places the most known tactics of the best clubs in the world at the pitch in this game. Enjoy additional time & space reading the play through advance player placement, while advanced tactics offer players perfect options on the ball since the teammates exploit space & develop new attacking tactics.

Immersive atmospheres - Authentic sun positions, club & stadium banners, adaptive commentary, & changes in the quality of the pitch quality bring the most immersive soccer experiences to life in this game. One can hear chants when attacking, High Definition dynamic crowds & interaction with the fans as they celebrate.

FIFA 18 Gameplay

Maintain the motion of the ball - once you are playing FIFA 18, particularly against the AI opponents, you should often try to maintain the ball’s motion. Simply pass even if you have no idea in mind. As you make more passes, you increase the chance of creating a space to attack.

Sprinting is not recommended - There is an instance & a location for doing this in FIFA 18. In case there is much of space for running into then sprint away. However, sprinting is going to make you lose control the ball’s control making you a cheap target for the defenders

Don’t rush the attack - While it is tempting passing the ball fast in the pitch, this will not often work since the striker receives the ball in the middle of the field having no support. In case most of the team is defending at the back once you get possession of the ball, pass it a bit before to ensure that attackers have some support.

Do not press tackle in a wild manner - Though this might seem obvious, it is tempting to press “tackle” every other time when attempting to get back possession. Placing yourself before the attacker’s path will rather work better for you.

FIFA 18 Trailer


• More fluid &free Gameplay
• The game simply feels much realistic
• Negotiation change is perfect


• FIFA misses intercontinental cups for various leagues since it has just domestic league & domestic cup.
• That’s a red - during a disappointing game, you simply have to move cleats up from behind on a certain player. That should be a red card but there are instances in FIFA when it won’t get a yellow card, which certainly doesn’t add up.

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