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Freedom fighters download pc is a game that has gone through very many name variations during its marketing life, Freedom Fighters emerged out well. The game is created by Ubisoft Montreal and comes off in what seems as an action game. It similarly deftly prevents the identity crisis which undermined Brute Force by maintaining the basic game systems simple to comprehend and simple to play.

Freedom Fighters Gameplay

The primary character is prompted to continue through layers of missions where one can select which among the several missions they want to accomplish first. You will be given a single main weapon and a supplementary weapon with less ammo.
It is the command control system for the AI squad mates which gives the game it’s distinctive feel. The game begins with a couple just to make you get the feeling of it all, but soon you will be managing even twelve soldiers. For that reason you have just three commands: move, attack & defend. Pressing a number key instructs one of the mates to perform any of those actions in the direction in which the primary character is facing. Pressing holding the key is going to send all of the teammates in that direction to execute the action. You get some other control level when you zoom in on an area and instructing the teammates to attack as you like, move or defend.

The environments for the Freedom Fighters are detailed. AI is unique so that one can hardly notice them bashing heads into walls, or getting stuck while doing something dumb. They’ll move and approach any enemies they notice when they are on the move or while they are standing still. The distinction among the various commands reveals to be more tactical. Instructing them to protect an area is going to compel them to search for the best cover.

Covering the teammates as they are moving & getting them covering you while moving, works well in FF. The AI fellows are going to also take control once you instruct them to protect a location which has a nest. Utilizing the zoomed in focusing to instruct your troops can be hectic when you begin dealing with multi-level structures since the focusing icon cannot often read what level you are pointing at. Having your colleagues on the wrong side in a firefight is no means to earn charisma. This is evidence that utilizing an overwatch system is crucial.


• It has very quick loading times
• Resume play is done in a short time
• The A.I. is perfect


• Once you quit the game, the fast save stops existing.
• It is somehow tedious
• It lacks a real manual save choice.


Freedom Fighters game has some of the common impressive and consistent artificial intelligence you will ever see in any action game. Do not expect much from this, but also do not underestimate its capabilities - Freedom Fighters is an easy, creative third-person game, that can be sometimes repetitive, but all the same still poses lots of fun. make sure to download the game and enjoy what you could be missing.

Freedom Fighters Gameplay Video

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