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GTA San Andreas Full Game for Windows/MAC OS

GTA San Andreas is an action-filled video game, full of adventure and is part of the Grand Theft Auto series. It is created by “Rock Star North”. The game became available for PlayStation 2 in late 2004. For Xbox and Microsoft Windows, GTA: San Andreas was released in mid-2005. It is played from the perspective of a third-person in an open environment. This aspect of the game allows you to freely interact with the game environment at your own pleasure. The game features Carl Johnson (CJ) as the single player. After the murder of his mother, he comes back to Los Santos from Liberty City. He finds his family and old friends disorganised and confused. As the game progresses, he tries to bring back his old gang members. He gets in the way of bad cops and establishes how his mother was killed.

GTA San Andreas Gameplay

As you play this game, you get to enjoy action adventures filled with elements of stealth and role-play. The main components are the shooter as the third- person and a driving game. This enables you to move around in an open world environment. You even have the ability to walk, run, jump, sprint, climb, and swim. The player can also use different hand-to-hand combat and weapons.
Available to be driven is a huge variety of automobiles. Just like in Vice City, you can steal and import vehicles. How you want to play the game is largely the player’s choosing. You don’t have to complete the missions in order to play. That means that the player is free to roam around San Andreas cities engaging in different activities and causing havoc. As a source of extra income, you can take certain side missions. These missions also help you in building your personality. There a lot other amazing features in GTA: San Andreas that you can unlock as you play.

GTA San Andreas Features

Controls meant for targeting, camera and fighting have been remodelled to include a number of elements of stealth. Mouse chording is one of the great features available in this game. The ability to climb walls and swim which was not available in the other versions have been implemented here. The other new features include car modification, money, burglary, mini-games, multiplayer and gang wars.

System Requirements

In order to install and play GTA: San Andreas, your PC must meet the following minimum system requirements:
• Must be running Windows 2000/XP
• Pentium III processor with a speed of at least 1GHz
• RAM must not be less than 256 MB
• 64 MB Video Card graphics
• 3.6 GB of free hard disk space


• It has a great storyline
• Captivates the player making them feel part of the story
• Has a lot of missions and side-missions making it very involving
• It has great graphics
• Has better draw-distance
• Integrated replay feature
• Great sound effects and customised soundtracks


• It is frustrating to control buttons while in the middle of a drive-by
• It could be too violent for some people
• It is time-consuming

GTA San Andreas Trailer


If your PC is equipped with the requirements, you can have a try at the free download version of GTA: San Andreas. It will surely fulfill your fantasies. You will play for hours and never get enough of it.


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