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Halo 2 Full Game for Windows/MAC OS

If you’re a computer game lover, then you ought to try Halo 2. Bungie is the creator of this adrenaline- pumping game and is presented by Microsoft Game Studios. In this game, a mercenary in a laboratory has been heavily armoured to fight against the aliens who have made an invasion. In a short time, the Armoured suit enables the fighter to regain strength and stamina after a long fight.
This game is loved all over by game enthusiasts enabling it to bag many awards. It is exciting to know that the game is now available for free download in full version. Bungie has given off all the rights to the use of the game. You can freely watch the trailer and download it without supplying the download key.

Halo 2 Features

The most thrilling feature of Halo 2 is the way the Armour has been modified. These modifications are complex to the extent that you may need to use a manual to guide you. As you keep on playing and advancing to the next levels, you get the ability to make changes. You can change your gear and the weaponry at the same time both of which are easy to adapt to.
The maps featured resemble puzzle mazes which give you the picture of a land that has really been raided by aliens. The game stands out as a true street fight. Another great feature is the wonderful sound effect. You get to hear even the slightest of sounds in a very quiet scene. Halo 2 fight scenes depict the real sounds of war characteristically filled with much noise.

Halo 2 Gameplay

Halo 2 features a shooter as the first person. At the end of the first game, there is a single player mode. The goal is to bring the Covenant and the possibility of a future Halo ring to an end. It also brings about the beliefs, goals, and the alliances of the Covenant. In this version also, are the Brutes. Unlike the Elites, the Brutes have no energy shields but are large and look like apes. They are hairy, bulky and strong, making them a force to reckon with.


The following are the benefits that make this game great:
• It has awesome visual and graphic effects
• Wonderful weapon modification capability
• Ability to save firepower and use them sparingly
• The mercenary is stronger and can use stealth to fight against the opponent
• The game is so engaging and addictive, making it very enjoyable


The only downsides to this game are:
• The battlefield is a little challenging to navigate
• It has a few technical problems

System Requirements:

To install and play Halo 2, your PC must meet the following minimum requirements:
• Windows Vista/ Windows 8 or 8.1/ Windows 7/ Windows XP
• CPU must be Pentium 4 with a speed of 2.4 GHz or higher
• Primary memory (RAM) should be 1GB or more
• A hard disk space of not less than 8 GB

Halo 2 has been an all-time favorite of many game lovers all over the world. You can go ahead and try it out yourself, provided your PC meets these minimum requirements. The experience is such that the effect of the view is wonderful. Not many games are able to give this close to reality street- fighting. You won’t be able to stop playing.

Halo 2 Gameplay Video

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