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Mini Golf King - Windows & MAC

This time we are looking at a brand new game called Mini Golf King published by  Bluehole PNIX. Honestly, I was very surprised to discover the cuteness of this game right of the first game of mini golf. This is very joyful and colorful game that requires no special skill or anything of that sort. There are some things that you must consider before you take your shot like the wind and so on. But we already know games with this kind of physics (Angry Birds). And to tell you the truth is very fun to play. The best thing is that you can play with other people online and by defeating them you gain access to goodies, like chests and equipment. The rules are the same as any golf game – you have to take the ball to the hole with fewer shots as possible. But on the way you have to collect as many gems as possible to boost your score, so there is the skill element in the game but it`s simple enough.


  • A lot of fields to play on
  • A lot of equipment to get
  • Great graphics and game physics


  • To open the chests sometimes you have to wait a long time
  • Sometimes the controls are slipping away.

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