Survival Royale Full Version Free Download

Survival Royale - Windows & MAC

And now we have a mobile version of Fortnite Battle Royale - Survival Royale! The rules are the same. The goal is the same - to be the last man standing. Simple enough to hook you and hard enough to make your face red. You are making your own character customizing his /her looks. After that, you are dropped on a small island and there is only 1 thing that you must to – survive. Like previous versions of this type of game, you are with  99 other players in Survivor Royale. You start in the middle of a large HD map packed with abandoned buildings and dangerous people. So be careful where are you going and what equipment do you have in you. There are a lot of places for hiding, but also for ambushing. So take care and be the last man standing!


  • Good graphics and design
  • A lot of weapons and equipment
  • Addictive and simple
  • Good controls


  • Pretty heavy and consuming. Your old phone won`t cut it


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