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Today we are looking at The Sims Mobile published by the giant Electronic Arts And if you are asking yourself – ” Is this Sims game as good as the PC version.” Today I will answer this question for you. I was surprised to see that actually, EA made a great job by transplanting the original idea to this light mobile version. We all know the PC version, we all had been there, and we know that the great thing about this game when it first came out was the detail in the real life simulator. The first real-life simulator has hit us by surprise and we were really into this game. I remember the hours spent in the house editor and adding the high-end electronics in the house. And after that the jobs, family and so on and so on. So did EA managed to create a good mobile version of SIMs for our phones – the answer is YES, and the did a really good job. Let see what have the gameplay has for us.


  • Classic Sims in the best mobile way.
  • A lot of details and humor.
  • Freedom for playing.


  • Somethings in the game is loading too slow.

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